VOLJET SC is our volumetric model suitable for the isobarometric filling of carbonated products such as water, soft drinks and beer. Each filling valve, equipped with flow meter to control the desired volume of product, is also equipped with special auxiliary pneumatic valves which control the pressure setting, the activation of the double filling speed and the decompression. An optional fourth auxiliary valve can be dedicated to a specific CIP function. Other important features:
– absence of dynamic seals
– very low need for maintenance interventions
– extremely effective sanitization cycles.


  • High content accuracy
  • Independent monitoring of each single filling valve through dedicated product recipes
  • Absence of turbulence thanks to the dual filling speed option
  • Active control of performances with the possibility of acting on each valve.
  • “ULTRA CLEAN” configuration possible, when equipped with laminar flow cabin and HEPA filters
  • Extreme ease of use thanks to the touch screen operator panel


  • Production: 8.000 ÷ 72.000 bph
  • n ° valves: 40 ÷ 140
  • PET treatable bottles
  • Treatable bottles (h) 140 ÷ 340
  • Treatable bottles (Ø) 48 ÷ 115
  • Parts in contact with the product in SS304
  • Touch Screen operator panel
  • Sterilization of the container and the closing caps
  • Integral cabin with positive pressure and HEPA filters
  • Double filling speed for ensure the absence of turbulence
  • Dummy bottles for sanitation with manual insertion
  • Dummy bottles for sanitation with automatic insertion
  • Base in SS 304
  • SS 304 and Drainable base
  • Automatic centralized lubrication
  • Parts in contact with the product in SS 316L
  • Remote assistance

The filling valves are fixed. A special lifting jack allows the container to come into contact with the valve. Each filling valve is controlled by individual magnetic flow meter through which the volume of product to be poured into the bottle is dosed with extreme precision. Upon reaching the set volume, according to the recipe of the format in use, the filling cycle stops and the decompression phase begins, which can be modulated according to the characteristics of the product.

The Cip, carried on in closed circuit through the insertion of dummy bottles (optionally also with automatic control), is made automatically and can be set from the operator panel. To facilitate washing and drainage, all surfaces in contact with the product are slightly inclined and mirror polished.


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